Living Days :: Let My Love Open The Door (Cover)

Got sent this great cover for Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open the Door" by Brooklyn band Living Days. Uber catchy new wave sounding dance tune means of course I love it! They've been getting a lot of press love recently including a great plug from Bats for Lashes lead singer Natasha Khan who says "And then there is this singer called Stephonik Youth. She’s so amazing. She’s literally I think the most amazing artist I’ve ever seen, and her voice is incredible." Not too shabby endorsement and after hearing this track it only makes me crave more.

We can expect to get a new album from them in early 2013. For now check out the soundcloud/video for "Let My Love Open the Door" which uses footage from the 1985 Sam Raimi movie Crimewave.

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