Off the Radar's :: 25 Favorite Albums of 2012

Another year comes to an end and with it another great collection of albums and amazing music! Which ones will stand the test of time? We shall see, but here are our picks for favorite albums of 2012!!

As for the process, it was pretty simple. I just rounded up all our contributors and had them each send me their fave albums, then I combined them with mine and here's what we came up with in no particular order (except that maybe I tried to get the art works to match up a bit). I linked each artists Facebook and iTunes so you can do a little more investigating.

After looking at some of the other Best Of lists out there I am pretty happy with our selections. Of course there will probably be some records that we missed, but all in all it's a pretty fine representation of what we do at Off the Radar.

Thanks for all your support throughout the year and we wish you all a Happy New Year! 


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