YACHT :: Second Summer

Oh. My. God. The new YACHT track is dope.

I could almost stop right there. That's how much I like "Second Summer," the new single from these Portland, OR electropop geniuses. I actually had plans to write about something else today but this new single caught me by surprise and kind of blows my mind so, here we are.

If this is any indication of what their new material is going to sound like, everyone should be stoked. I've really enjoyed listening to this band progress through the years and this is a great next step off their excellent 2011 release, "Shangir-La."

Along with the new track, which is available as a totally free download on YACHT's Soundcloud, they've released a crazy animated music video. It's directed by ADHD, who will be debuting new animated material on Fox next year.

2013 is going to be awesome.

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