Suede :: Barriers

Legendary Brit-Pop band Suede (or London Suede as they were forced to do in the U.S.) is getting ready to release new album 'Bloodsports' this March. It is their first new album since 2002's rather disappointing 'New Morning', which also ended up being their last album before breaking up.

As a gift to their fans they are giving away a new non album track "Barriers" here in exchange for your email. The track is a return to form for the band and it is a track they feel gives a good overall feel for what's to come on the new album. Cannot wait for this record! Fingers crossed that it is half as good as their legendary material.

In addition to their new album they are also going to be re-mastering all their classic albums and re-releasing them with bonus tracks in May. It's a great year to be a Suede fan!

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