Static Fingers :: Never Be Good Enough (LP)

A little bit chillwave, a little bit indie pop, and a whole lot of awesome. Kansas based experimental artist Static Fingers is breaking some barriers with his debut full length album Never Be Good Enough, which was just released a couple of days ago. Last time we heard from Static Fingers was the release of his super chill single "Tranquil Turbulence" which we posted previously here a few years back. Now, he shows us his range with sounds varying from some excellent ambient electronic instrumentals to more lively indie pop/rock. Particularly loving the super chillwave track "Courtney's Song" as well as the bright poppy track "Apocolyptic Dreams".

What's even better is that he's made the whole album available as free downloads! So check out these tracks below, then head over to his Soundcloud for the rest!

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