Daft Punk :: Doin' It Right (Theater of Delays Remix)

With all the excitement surrounding Daft Punk's new album RAM which was just released yesterday there is bound to be a million remixes coming out this summer and beyond. One of OTR's favorite remixers Theater of Delays took a stab at one of my fave tracks from the album, the Panda Bear collab "Doin' it Right" and he did a phenomenal job. Played it out this past weekend and some of my friends that don't even like Daft Punk were asking me "this is Daft Punk?" Yes it is...

Check out the remix below and if you like what you hear he's offering it as a free download in exchange for liking his Facebook page. Best grab that sucker.

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Melodie Davis said...

I think what's great about Daft Punk is that their songs have so much potential to be remixed! Especially the new album, which seems kind of subdued and simple. This remix is great and I can't wait to listen to the actual album on vinyl.