Travis :: Where You Stand (Video) + New Album / Tour in 2013

It has been many years since I last heard anything new from Scottish band Travis, 5 years to be exact. I can remember a time when their albums The Man Who (1999) and The Invisible Band (2001) were two of my favorite albums that I would play incessantly.

Well today is a good day, because as I was skimming through our emails I happened to notice their name and the news that they are coming out with a new album Where You Stand on August 19th as well as touring in 2013. That got me real excited, especially after I saw their video for first single "Where You Stand". Gorgeous tune that reminded me why I loved them so much to begin with. Fran Healy still has that amazing voice and the music is as delicate and pretty as ever. Can't wait to check out that new album. I hope it is as amazing as their classic records.

For now check out that new video below and you can check out their US tour dates on their site here.

P.S. As in other Travis videos Fran seems to still get the short end of the stick in this one as well. 

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