Chromeo :: White Women

Loving the new Chromeo album 'White Women' that was just released. It incorporates a bunch of different styles from pop, smooth rock, funk, disco with an 80's feel to it. I liken them to a modern day Hall & Oates. You can definitely tell they were influenced by bands like that. With this album they seem to have made a concerted effort to create carefully crafted sublime tracks that will stand the test of time. More so than their previous albums, which were good, but more straight up dance floor tracks. Good from beginning to the end, they are definitely hitting their groove with this one. Recommended!

Check out the video for first single "Jealous (I Ain't With It)", plus "Come Alive" ft Toro & Moi and "Over Your Shoulders" from the album, and a couple sweet remixes from long time OTR favorites Grum & The Magician.

Check out more on their soundcloud

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