Ghost Culture :: Guidecca

We are lucky in Miami to have this really great college station called 90.5 WVUM. They play so much amazing music. You can always turn it on and get turned on to some really great stuff, (unlike most of the rest of the FM dial here, which is pretty crappy). Heard this great tune the other day on there called "Guidecca" by London artist Ghost Culture. It's got that dark electronic dance vibe that I love, so of course I was instantly attracted to it.

Seems he just released his self titled debut album on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label. Gonna have to check that out, but in the meantime thought I'd post the soundcloud and video for "Guidecca" to see if it would spark your curiosity as well.

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OSCA said...

Love it, I feel like in an endless loop, at night on a highway in Tokyo