Happy Accidents :: Sing (Blur Cover) + Mixtape

Happy Accidents sent us their latest, which is a cover they did for Blur's "Sing". Man oh man did they do a phenomenal job! Silky smooth reinterpretation, with lovely male/female harmonizing.

Here's what they had to say about the cover. "Blur has been one of our all time favorites for years. Covering one of their songs has been a long time coming, yet very intimidating. We finally settled on one of their earlier tracks "Sing" -- which most of you know from the "Trainspotting" soundtrack. Its simplicity allowed some creative freedom and we were able to put our own spin on it while still staying true to the overall mood and Britpop spirit." They are offering the track as a free download in exchange for a Facebook like?! Best get in on that.

In addition to the cover they also put together this great mixtape entitled "Songs We Like", featuring contemporaries like Oliver and Chvrches to 80's new wave classics from Heaven 17 and Book of Love. They are keen to point out, "The goal was not necessarily to compile all of the latest danceable hits, but to select a specific vibe and take the listener through a journey." That they did. Tons of amazing tracks (44 total), squeezed into a smooth hour long set. Check that out below. If you dig it, it's free to download as well, and will surely help your work week fly on by.
Happy Monday!

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