Pompeya :: Real

Loving the new album from Moscow band Pompeya 'Real' that was released last week. It's one of my favorite new albums. First heard "Tell Me, Tell Me" the other day on the radio, and I was instantly hooked. I love the lead singer's voice, their lovely melodies and their 80's inspired sound. They freely admit their love and inspiration from 70's, 80's new wave and pop music, which only makes me love them more.

Check out the excellent "Pasadena" which they have up on their soundcloud, plus some cool remixes I spotted on there, including an amazing remix by The Twelves who we hadn't posted about in forever. Forgot how much I missed them.

You can preview/buy 'Real' on iTunes. Highly Recommended!

Couldn't resist not posting "Tell Me, Tell Me". Listen at your peril though, as you may become addicted (like I did), and have to press play a bunch of times a day.

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