Timecop1983 :: Reflections + Journeys

Apparently there's this whole genre of music called RetroWave or SynthWave that I didn't know about. It's basically centers around 80's inspired, music, cartoons, movies, culture, synths, video games and more. Heavily soaked in 80's nostalgia it can go from heavy to light, instrumental to having vocals, and I am totally obsessed! Dig them all. Of course this is the sound I've always loved and been playing/posting about for years such as : Anoraak, College, Kavinsky. Just didn't know there was a genre for it or that the rabbit hole went so deep. Been basically binging on it the last few weeks trying to soak in as much as I can.

There's this really cool label called NewRetroWave that specializes in this sound and is a big resource for me at the moment, particularly their youtube channel, which has tons of albums you can go through. One of my early favorites is Timecop1983 who hails from the Netherlands and just released new album 'Reflections' which is quite good. I also dig an earlier album called 'Journeys' that is super dreamy amazingness. I highly recommend you check out those two albums and tons more stuff that he has up on his soundcloud.

Here's a few of my favorites from Timecop1983 to wet your palette...

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