The Gift :: Love Without Violins ft Brian Eno

As I was listening to an NPR podcast today I ran into this new single by Portuguese band The Gift called "Love Without Violins" ft Brian Eno. Anything with Brian Eno's name attached to it instantly gets my attention and this song did not not disappoint, it blew me away! It starts out with these dark sinister synths/drums and deep dark vocals which at first I thought were Brian Eno's, but it turns out to be the vocals of Sonia Tavares, The Gift's lead vocalist. Then around the 2:43 min mark the track does a total flip and turns into a poppy melodic tune as Brian Eno's vocals come in. So good!

Seems like Flood of Depeche Mode fame mixed the track which further explains why I love this so. I mean Brian Eno + Flood = Heaven.

Check out the tune and their gorgeous video for the track below. Be careful playing the video at work, as it contains some brief nudity. The EP is officially released September 30th and can be purchased on iTunes.

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CraftCrusher said...

love this, Ray! thank you. def has an 80s vibe to it and it just flows beautifully. love Eno of course