Fever Ray :: To the Moon and Back

Oh, oh, oh, NEW FEVER RAY!!! It had been 8 long years since we heard new music from Fever Ray (aka) Karin Dreijer Andersson one half of electronic duo The Knife, and her excellent self titled debut album from 2009. Her new single "To The Moon and Back" is more Knife-like than anything we remember from her sparser debut album and reminds us how much we miss The Knife, but we also missed her and her unmistakeable voice. This new track has her talking about creamy kisses and rubbing her fingers up your pussy, plus the video for "To The Moon and Back" is super creepy! Straight out of a horror movie and just in time for Halloween. Can't wait to check out the upcoming album Plunge.

P.S. Since writing this post I heard the new album Plunge and it is fantastic! More Knife-ish than her debut. Go check it out!   

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