This Isn't Your Parent's Tour Guide...

I have been sitting on this track for a bit. It is a collaboration between Bpitch Control artists Ellen Allien and Apparat. Taken from 2006's LP Orchestra of Bubbles. It is interesting to see Apparat stray a little further from his IDM beginnings to something with a more structured sound.

It also appears on the most recent Timeout compilation The Other Side: Berlin. Looking at the track listing for this series, I am impressed with Timeout's willingness to showcase some underground music. Timeout basically picks an artist to curate the tracks on the CD. Other curators include Fischerspooner (NY), Black Strobe (Paris) and Damien Lazarus (London). I have all the discs in the series which on the flipside of the disc has the artists themselves touring their respective cities and giving hints of places that they like to visit, eat, and shop. (There is a sneaker store that I keep forgetting to visit when I am NY).

The first three were released at once a while back and I had begun to wonder whether the series was dead or not. However, why did they change the cover art? I like it when a series has a consistent look on my shelf. The new one sticks out like a sore thumb (at least it's a cute sore thumb with Ellen's photo on it...).

MP3: Way Out

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