Travis is Back!

Luckily for their new album The Boy with No Name, Travis have employed the genious that is Nigel Godrich behind the controls. After a mediocre and uninspired attempt without him at the helm on their last full length 12 Memories they figured, we better stick to what works on this one. (smart move!)

Nigel worked on their other classic albums The Man Who and The Invisible Band which helped propel them to stardom and opened the doors for other mid-tempo contemporary rock bands such as Coldplay.

Some bands just need that great producer to point them in the right direction and maybe nudge'em if their steering towards the land of cheese. Considering Nigel is one of the best engineer/producers of the last 10 or so years and has done such classic albums for the likes of Radiohead, Beck, and Paul McCartney, they're not in bad hands (or should I say ears).

Check out this great new track which proves they are back and in top form... Good to have you back Travis!

MP3: The Big Chair

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