Workin' for the Weekend...

It's FRIIIIIDAY!! What? You thought we were going to leave you high and dry as you planned your playlist for the weekend? Come on now, we got the tracks to keep your body shakin' straight through 'till Sunday night!!

First up is a relatively new group from the Mid
west, called Codebreaker (I'm talking Milwaukee here people! Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated stuff). But do not let that fool you. These guys have got the electro-funk thing down pat. Check out the MySpace profile for two more tracks of theirs (downloadable!!)

MP3: Are You Ready 2 Love?

Continuing on the electro-funk path, the second group honestly does not need an introduction.

All I have to say is Chromeo-meo-meo!

MP3: Fancy Footwork (Guns N Bombs Remix)

Codebreaker is actually playing/DJ'ing a night with Chromeo in San Francisco this summer.

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