Welcome back Mr. Dear!

It is not that we did not like your little venture into minimal tech (a la Audion), I saw you perform under that moniker twice. But in all honestly welcome back as Matthew Dear.

I will admit, this reviewer is a little biased. The tracks Dog Days and Send You Back (from Ghostly's Idol Tryouts Vol. 2) have both been ringtones (the latter my current one). But judging from the few tracks from Mr. Dear's forthcoming LP (Asa Breed) he is bound to win over a few new fans. The album is more accessible than his previous efforts but still maintains his touch. Matthew Dear has assembled a three piece band for the Matthew Dear's Big Hands tour (North America this fall...).

Labelmates Mobius Band (highly recommended) are guests on one of the tracks. Available June 5th on Ghostly International.

Asa Breed tracklisting:

  1. "Fleece on Brain"
  2. "Neighborhoods"
  3. "Deserter"
  4. "Shy"
  5. "Elementary Lover"
  6. "Don and Sherri"
  7. "Will Gravity Win Tonight?"
  8. "Pom Pom"
  9. "Death to Feelers"
  10. "Give Me More"
  11. "Midnight Lovers"
  12. "Good to Be Alive"
MP3: Deserter (Four Tet Remix) / YSI

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