The Other Half of Kings of Convenience

So in-between recording the third Kings of Convenience album, touring with fellow "King", Erlend Øye in his electronic-turned acoustic side project The Whitest Boy Alive, and some guest vocals on Feist's 2007 release, Eirik Glambek Bøe has managed to put together some nice songs under the name Kommode. (times I wish I had an international keyboard...).

Presenting Kommode (I searched for a translation from Norwegian but to no avail...).
The band includes musicians from Øye and Bøe's first project Skog (early 90's) without Erlend.

Check out the track Patient on their MySpace page.

Tellé will release an EP by Kommode titled 'Under the Autumn Star' on June 4th.

  1. Look Back On Happiness
  2. Ghosts
  3. Spring Night
  4. The Birds
  5. Ice Palace
  6. Hunger
Because you guys are special: Kommode - Look Back on Happiness


Zu said...

ehem.. the ep thing is just a joke that the webmistress of the kings of site did for april´s day. The song you posted is actually "april´s fool" by Rufus Winewright, part of the same joke... and patient is the only track they have made avaliable so far. although they have presented some songs like "houses for birds" in live shows ;-)

Zu said...

De nada! ;-)

and yep, that´s right, the ep. is fake as are the songs in it. hehe.. They will posibly release one song with Telle for a compilation in the summer, but nothing is sure yet. The only "real" info is that they made Patient avaliable to listen and well, that they are recording some songs in Bergen.

By the way, in the site of Puce (the joker ;-)) you can download their presentation in Paris with WBA and hear some real songs of theirs besides Patient

Cheers! Zu