The Guillemots are seabirds in the auk family.

I cannot stop playing this song. It is not new but I think it is sufficiently off the radar. I like it so much I might even hear it more than once a day and considering how much music we go through here at OTR, that is a lot. I am referring to Trains to Brazil by The Guillemots.

The Guillemots were formed in 2004 in London. Their name is pronounced gillimotts, like the sea bird and not the pseudo-French way. Not only have the birds been an inspiration for the band's name but also for some of the music as well. The Cliffs EP released in 2006 is a reference to the sea side cliffs that guillimots take shelter in. Numerous songs also have references to bird species or other aviary themes .

Narrowly losing the 2006 Mercury Music Prize to the Arctic Monkeys has not slowed them down.

MP3: Trains to Brazil
MP3: Annie, Let's Not Wait (new single re-released this year)

And since I told you we had you covered today, here are a couple of covers performed by The Guillemots

MP3: Never Went to Church (The Streets Cover)
MP3: Take Me Out (Live Lounge Version - Franz Ferdinand Cover) - great interpretation of the song

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