We've Got You Covered Slow Week Edition


It has been a slow week. The rains have started in South Florida (saw hail for the first time yesterday), the humidity is kicking, the sun is hot, the days are long but the ocean is getting warmer!

I found this Radiohead cover this morning. I am hesitant to post covers of certain respected artists because there are few bands that can recreate/interpret songs as well as the original (or even anywhere close...). Since I am putting up a Radiohead cover, why not stick with the iconic British bands and post a couple of Beatles covers too?

Beatles covers are all over the place just not all necessarily good. And now with all Beatles musical Across the Universe being released in theaters this fall (September it seems), I think we are going to see an explosion of other bands being covered.

I think everyone knows enough about the original artists in this post and most definitely should have the original in their music collection, so let me talk about the artists covering the songs.

Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble is a an instrumental funk band that includes a member of The Decemberists in their roster. Interesting is how they formed. Chris Funk, guitarist of The Decemberists moved to a Mississippi neighborhood in Portland, OR to quickly discovered that his neighbors were a little bit more than just talented. A few house parties later, someone decided to record their jams which included some original instrumentals and a few cover songs. It seems this project is just a one off but we will wait and see. Go to their MySpace to check out an incredible stripped down version Massive Attack's Teardrop.

The Kaiser Chiefs pull off this version of The Beatles pretty well. It was recorded for the BBC at Abbey Road studios for the 40th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the same engineers that recorded the original.

MP3: Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble - Amnesiac/Morning Bell (Radiohead Cover)
MP3: Kaiser Chiefs - Getting Better (Beatles Cover)

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