It's too early for words...

My head is still fuzzy and soaked from this weekend. Off the Radar was off the chain this past Friday. Enough so that I had two separate tabs at the party. Lost my camera in a cab (found it yesterday...). And was trapped in bed until about 2pm when I mustered enough strength to heat me up a "it's not delivery, it's DiGiorno" pizza.

So I will post some a track from the upcoming Beastie Boys instrumental album The Mix Up. It is their first full release since 2004's To the Five Boroughs (It comes out later this month).

I have always enjoyed when the Beasties went wordless, scratch less and sample free. I am happy to see them go in this direction, at least for an album or two.

MP3: The Cousin of Death (it is what I felt like on Saturday morning after Off the Radar...)

The internets was busy this weekend with new stuff. And at Off the Radar we go through the crap so you don't have to... Stay tuned!

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