A Band Al Gore Would Be Proud Of

Being green is "in" these days. It is also pretty important seeing the state of our planet. So I thought we could focus a post on a "green" band. Cloud Cult from Minneapolis, MN is arguably one of the greenest bands out there. They have avoided major labels in order to be as environmentally friendly and started their own record label Earthology Records in order to do so. They promote awareness by their acts, such as

"...making every concert “green” by purchasing green energy
credits to pump wind power into the grid to compensate for energy used on stage
and in travel."

The have also installed solar panels on their tour van and planted acres of trees to make thier shows as eco-friendly as possible. AND while still putting on great shows with artists painting live on screen, video installations, and of course environmental organizations promoting thier projects.

Fast forward to 2007 and their 7th release, The Meaning of 8. That's why we are here for anyways, right? The music? It is a progression of thier sound from past releases which includes comparisons to Modest Mouse, with the pop sensibilities of Of Montreal and Grizzly Bear.

Strings with hip hop beats, crunchy guitars with electronic elements. This is about as indie as it gets.

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