Record Label Spotlight: Labrador Records

Hailing from Sweden, Labrador Records has been putting out infectious pop bliss for the past 10 years. With acts like Peter, Bjorn and John getting massive airplay (I cringed when I heard the PB&J/Kanye mash up in a club in Vegas), it seems the music scene in Sweden can do no wrong these days and Labrador is one of the labels bringing it to the masses. You have heard artists from this label without realizing it (The Radio Dept., Tribeca).

The musical style might be a little narrow. No heavy crunch or get down boogie but that's okay, we did not buy the record for that.

Acid House Kings - Sunday Morning
Club 8 - Everlasting Love
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Loop Duplicate My Heart
The Radio Dept. - The Worst Taste In Music (new album later this year)

There are way too many MP3's available from the Labrador site to list here, so just go straight over and grab some.

Labrador Records - Sounds

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