Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

This FRIDAY we are going to GET PHYSICAL @ The Lab part of the Off the Radar party extravaganza!

I am sorry, I have neglected dance music in the last few posts. I hope this makes up for it.

Covering Olivia's 80's ode to leg warmers and spandex are The Black Ghosts on Southern Fried Records. We also got their newish single there also. There is a Playgroup remix of it that starts off of with the 2 Hype Brothers and a Dog's doo-doo brown beat before breaking into the electro goodness of The Black Ghosts. The sirens in the chorus are signaling that the dancefloor is about to blow up!

Here is a 30 minute mix by The Black Ghosts courtesty of Southern Fried

Stream Here: 30 minute Mix (Direct download below with track listing)

MP3: The Black Ghosts - Let's Get Physical
MP3: The Black Ghosts - Anyway You Choose To Give It
MP3: The Black Ghosts - Anyway You Choose To Give It (Playgroup Remix)

The Black Ghosts 30min Mix

(Emperor Machine, Electrelane, Brian Eno, Zongamin, The Whip! AND WHAT!)

Harco Pront “Night”
Emperor Machine “Rimramramrim
Clinic “The Second Line”
Soul Savers “Rumble Fish” (Simian Mix)
Supercollider “Darn Cold Way Of Loving”
Electrelane “The Valleys”
The Jonzun Crew” “Space Is The Place”
Good Books “Leni (Crystal Castles Mix)
Heaven And Earth “Feel The Spirit”
The Firebirds “Soul Sonata”
Blowfly “Sesame Street”
Silver Apples “Lovefingers
Gianfranco ReverberiNel Cimitero Di Tucson”
Metronomy “Trick Or Treatz
Milton Hamilton “My Love Supreme”
101 Strings “Karma Sitar”
Can “Vitamin C” (Ghost 1 And Ghost 4 Edit)”
Zongamin “Spiral”
Brian Eno “Sky Saw”
Frankie Valli “Beggin” (Pilooski Edit)
The Whip “Muzzle #1″ (The Black Ghosts Mix)
Beck “Sexx Laws” (The Wiseguys Mix)
The Black Ghosts “Anyway You Choose To Give It” (Fake Blood Mix)
The Dykeenies “New Ideas” (The Black Ghosts Mix)

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