J'aime La Musique Française

I think you get the picture that I have an on and off again love affair with French pop. Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard is luring me back. She is a French electro-pop artist that just released her newest single on cassette all over Paris. You read correctly, cassette.

After hunting down a cassette player, seriously, anybody out there still have one (that works?? I guess I can find batteries for my Sony Walkman...) you will be rewarded with some fantastic bouncy, dancy, international pop music. She sings, yells (not as annoying as Yelle), bops, lures you in.

Who cares if you can't understand her?

The cassettes have limited edition remixes of her new single Chanson D'Amour and a couple of other album tracks.

MP3: C'est Bien Trop Tard (Scalde Remix)
MP3: Chanson D'Amour (Dessous Chics)
MP3: Me And Madonna (Comité Central Clap-Clap Laz-Laz Remix)

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