Ray already saw! Busted! Better be a good track...

Dang, I was about to tell you guys not to tell Ray I posted a hip hop track. But that's the problem with sharing access.

But it's good. I promise. And it's a short one.

Check out his stats: Flying Lotus released his first EP last fall called 1983 and his name was immediately on the tip of everyone's lips. He just recently sign on to Warp Records. His mentor was Alice Coltrane (also his aunt). Produced many of Adult Swim's music for their shows and commercials. Friend of the late J-Dilla, and loved by Madlib. Here are some of his newer mixes.

MP3: Madvillain - Shadows of tomorrow (Flying Lotus remix)
MP3: Dabyre - Shadows of tomorrow (Flying Lotus remix)

Okay, and this song only because it popped up on my iPod last night and it's a great song...

MP3: Boom Bip - Do's And Don'ts (With Gruff Rhys)

(Plus since it has Gruff Rhys, maybe Ray will ignore the rest of the post...)

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