We're gonna get wet this weekend!!

It seems we may possibly be having a Tropical Storm party tonight! According to the Miami Herald, forecasters could be naming a system forming off of Florida's coast. TS Barry could making his way through our beach plans this weekend.

So what better reason to get these tracks and have your own dance party at home? Can't leave the flooding of Sweetwater to get to downtown? No worries! Pop these tracks and a few others from the site and turn up the bass real loud. Get your kid brother to flicker the lights, you are set. Any other libations are at your discretion. We just provide the music.

The first one is a slow burner from the upcoming Simian Mobile Disco album. The albums has all the hits and a few new tracks. This particular track 'I Believe' has a bit more vocals than their past stuff. According to acclaimed critic Ray, "Love that track, it's the Hotness!" So there you go. It's hot!

The second track is not a slow burner. my!gay!husband is a DJ out of Vancouver that is all over the indie map lately. I do not expect anything more than hyped up party music from him but that is a good thing. He is at hipster mecca in L.A. tomorrow at the newly re-established Check Yo Ponytail party (with Green Velvet) and later in the week at the rival Rich Kid Party hosted by Steve Aoeki. I would assume opening for Boom Bip who is also performing.

MP3: Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe

MP3: my!gay!husband - BASEMENTJAXXheartsSWITCH

Oh, forgot to mention that on his MySpace profile, my!gay!husband has posted links to various of his mix tapes (MP3s) with titles like "Indie Rave" and "Yacht Rock".

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