I Was Hesitant At First When I Saw This

Badly Drawn Boy, remixed? Even I have my limits. But it's pretty good. Badly Drawn Boy's aka Damon Gough, next single, Promises, is the third track to be taken from last year's album Born In The UK.

The vinyl has three versions of the track. In the Reverso 68 Remix, the beats and added synths effortlessly blend with Damon Gough's vocals and allow the song to coast for six minutes. It is a Sunday drive remix for the ride to the beach.

The second remix from the 12" vinyl is The Wizards Sleeve Reanimation. This one focuses on the piano before the vocals (which briefly appear at the end). It is a teeny tiny bit more upbeat with the synths slurring around melody.

The A Mountain Of One Version At 45 RPM the track sounds like a vintage down tempo disco track.


MP3: Promises (Reverso 68 Remix)

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