Talk About Moving Up Quick

From the website of A Classic Education:
Dear ladies and gentleman,
a few months later from our last rant here is a bit of news we are really happy about!
A Classic Education has been asked to open for the mighty ARCADE FIRE...and the show is quite soon..actually in less than 24 hours.
We will be opening tomorrow night in one of the prettiest piazzas ever!
July 11th
Arcade Fire
A Classic Education
in Ferrara, Piazza Castello
It all starts early around 9pm.

As usual there will be six of us on stage tomorrow.
Our official mood is: joy!

This will be our 5th show ever! After a self-organized festival, an unbelievable show with the Marr-Modest Mouse bunch, a flight to London for White Heat and a hardcore fest...well this one will be magic. what a journey!
Fifth show? And they are opening for The Arcade Fire? Time to take a listen. What do you think? Fool's gold? Or the real deal?

MP3: Victory At Night

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