Typewriters, Blenders... Anything Can Be An Instrument

When I hear a song played by another DJ that I really like. I hunt. I hunt until I find it. I read about it, the artist, the history, versions of the song. Until I know it.

Tom recently came to light via the Hot Chip DJ Kicks compilation. If you have it, it is the song the segues into My Piano. I knew the version on the comp had been reworked by Hot Chip so I was on a hunt for the original. Considering most of his work was originally release in the 60's and 70's it took a bit.

Luckily David Byrne discovered Tom on a trip to Brasil in the 90's and re-released much of his work as a comp (Brasil Classics Vol. 4 is dedicated solely to Tom ) and found it.

Tom was instrumental in the Tropicalia style of music BUT was also know for his experimental instrumentation and creative use of time signatures. Cademar is prime example.

"I don't make art, I make spoken and sung journalism."-- Tom
In 2005, he released an album entitled Estudando o Pagode (Studying People), exploring the historical suppression of women

MP3: Cademar (original)

I have a sudden urge to go to Rio.

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