Interpol is Back!

Loving the New Interpol album 'Our Love to Admire', as almost everyone else is! It's all over the blog world, so they must have done something right.

Third albums are so important. Even if your second albums are a bit of a slump which they almost always are. The third one is usually the make or break one. If it sucks your pretty much screwed. If it rocks everyone quickly forgets about the not so good second one. Plus your chances for a long career increase exponentially.

With this one you can tell they are back in it and in top form. They are in it for the long haul. As time goes by all the Joy Divison comparisons should wane and they should start to build a legacy of their own. It's a solid album all the way through. Paul Banks voice sounds amazing and you can hear some classical influences coming through in a couple tracks. Supposedly Carlos D aspires to be a classical composer one day.

Keep it up boys! Plus love the new artwork! Glad they changed it up from the first two. Sucks when you can guess what the new artwork for bands is gonna be like. Gotta keep it interesting.

Here's a couple of my favorites off the new album... They always start their albums good and this one is no different with Pioneer to the Falls.

Be sure to make it by Off the RADAR Friday as we Host the Official CD Listening/Release Party for it!

MP3: Pioneer to the Falls

MP3: No I in Threesome

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