Love this guy... Seems like the new album Make Sure They See my Face from Kenna has been pushed back again to Sept 11th? Sucks to have to wait but the date kinda makes sense for this artist which always seems to get a little political. Not one of my favorite things in artists but does it with such a good dance beat that you forgive him.

The first track I ever heard by him was 'Freetime' played out one night in a club and I was instantly attracted to it... Had to ask the DJ, who is that??? Apparently it was an older track which had already been out for like 6 months or so. So much music nowadays, even some slip by us here at Off the Radar.

Anyways soon thereafter I started playing Freetime out all the time and it soon became one of my favorites. I played it out every chance I got, till I got sick of it... The rest of that album New Sacred Cow is great also. Highly recommended!

Anyways still waiting for the new album but I just got a new track from him called 'Out of Control' off their NEW EP 'The Black Goodbye' which will also be on his new album and looks like it is gonna be their first single, so here you go. Also including the Freetime track I've been raving about.


MP3: Out of Control

MP3: Freetime

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