Chill Out

Here's some ambience for you. But the type of ambience that makes it feel like the world is going to end by the time the track finishes. It is a cover of a Savage Republic track from the early 80s.

(Sam) Shackleton is co-owner of London based Skull Disco Records. Known for putting out trippy dub step full of spaced out drums, tribal beats, drippy melodies, echoes, etc, etc.

This track has the original singer from Savage Republic, Jackson Del Rey, reprising his duties.

These guys were on some SERIOUS drugs when they recorded this. Serious.

MP3: Next to Nothing (Original Mix) (YSI)

Explanation by Sam Shackleton of the Skull Disco name origins:
Who are you?
Skull Disco

Where did you get your name?
I read a book about a tribe in Cameroon who had a party where they dug up the ancestors skulls and place them in a circle around the festivities whilst the participants drank beer and played music. I thought that was the proper way to do a disco. It's also a bad pun on School Disco.

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