Day & Night

It's Friday! So in keeping with recent traditions we're gonna leave you with some new music for your week-end. We know you guys love that...

I usually make it full on dance tracks but this week I found a lot of cool mellower stuff as well, so what I'm gonna do is put the 3 dancey tracks first under Day then the 3 mellower tracks under Night. Feel free to mix and match.

I'm loving the Rich Girls track by the Virgins that I'm putting first. Might do a full post on them next week.

I also got a new Devendra Banhart track in Spanish to end the post. He's amazing! Does mostly english tracks but he'll throw in a couple spanish singing tracks on each album and they usually end up being my favorites.

The Main Drag sounds very Radio Dept'ish and will appeal to fans of that band. Like Me!

Also in this Post a new Swayzak track! People already starting to compare that album to The Knife's Silent Shout as a possible contender for electronic album of the year.

Great Stuff...Enjoy and have a great/safe Labor Day week-end!



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