Frankie and Cyndi... Flashback

So I had a craving for Frankie's Pizza. The place has not changed. Neither has the pizza. It's the crust I think. But the sauce is involved in it too. Maybe it is because they already sprinkle Parmesan cheese on it that makes it so good. No it's not the best. I hate to single out one pizza and leave the rest behind. Instead I keep a few favorites around just in case I am in the neighborhood (though Papa Piccolo's is my #1 since I was 7 years old).

Back to Frankie's Pizza. On the radio, Cyndi Lauper was playing (adding the nostalgia). It got me thinking...

Damn, she was good. (So was the pizza of course.) She wasn't manufactured like current pop idols are now (or at least they did a better job of covering it). Had a unique, distinct voice that does not sound tired even after two decades. Started (propagated) fashion trends from the 80s underground. Shocked parents. Attracted teens. Produced some solid classics.

And talk about an iconic album cover.

MP3: All Through the Night (YSI) - This was playing on the radio at Frankie's.
MP3: She Bop (Special Dance Mix) (YSI) - Don't freak out, it's just an extended DJ friendly mix of the original with added 80's beats at the beginning and end for mixing into the next track. No headache enducing French electro crunch re-hash by some crazy mid-West kid with an all-over print t-shirt in Day-Glo. No, none of that here.

Do you guys remember watching the FULL video to Goonies R Good Enough? I don't. I mean I remember the song. And vaguely remember trying to record it on the VCR but the entire concept of it (plot line of the movie itself - but with Cyndi's family losing their home...) escapes my mind.

(Frankie's Website for those that are interested. Arbetter's is next... cheeeeese fries....)

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