So I've been playing The Glamour for a few months already, but I didn't realize I hadn't written about them. So here goes...

The Glamour is Asher Gray and Richard Galling and are a DJ Duo hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have been throwing parties and remixing other artists for some time.

Recently they began doing their own tracks. It's mostly of the dance variety and talks about what they know best, Parties! They wear their influences such as Daft Punk on their sleeves especially with tracks like 'Get Into It', but it's ok, it's still good stuff.

They claim on their myspace page to be DJ's who make music for DJ's. Nice! That means we don't have to wait for remixes to be able to play them out like we do for a lot of other artists.

'Get Into It' was the first song I heard/played by them and it's a great dance track! It's a pretty good track to get the party started with lyrics like 'Get, Get, Get into This, Start Feeling This....' Yeah!!

'Respect the Party' is also a great party song. With a great beat and it pretty much talks about the same thing. Going to a Party!

'I'll scoop you up and we'll roll! Co,co co, come on down, Let's Party!'

Hmmm, why not?!?!

All music doesn't have to be rocket science...

MP3: Get Into It (YSI)
MP3: Respect the Party (YSI)

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