Kraftwerk Nonstop

Got a little treat for you guys. This does not come out until next month on Astralwerks but I managed to get a copy of the EP Kraftwerk is releasing to commemorate the Tour De France album from 2003. It is only two tracks but clocking in at a respectable 20 minutes and 7 seconds.
Both tracks have been remixed by members of Hot Chip, with Aerodynamik being tackled by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, while La Forme was remixed by Al Doyle and Felix Martin.
"What makes Kraftwerk brilliant is the combination of fascinating textures and sounds, simplicity and efficiency in production," said Goddard of the project, "and a habit of writing beautiful melodies."
I thought the tracks would have had Hot Chip's frenetic pop signature all over it, but surprisingly the remixes do justice to the originals with Doyle and Martin giving La Forme a minimal makeover.

MP3: Aerodynamik (Hot Chip's Intelligent Design Mix) (YSI)
MP3: La Forme (Hot Chip's King Of The Mountains Mix) (YSI)

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