Love In A Digital Age

LongLove12: *glare*
LongLove12: *squint*
LongLove12: *crazyeye*
LongLove12: *point*
AngelGrrl17: ...~stands~
LongLove12: *shakefist*
AngelGrrl17: ~both fist in the air~
LongLove12: *nunchucks pose*
AngelGrrl17: ~moves into crane pose~
LongLove12: *rock, paper, scissors motion*
LongLove12: *throws paper*
AngelGrrl17: ~ducks right~
AngelGrrl17: ~throws paper~
LongLove12: *throws rock*
LongLove12: *dies*
AngelGrrl17: ~explodes for no reason~
AngelGrrl17: well..i think that was almost an even match

LongLove12: how's it going?
AngelGrrl17: it goes
LongLove12: word
AngelGrrl17: yourself?
LongLove12: i think some god somewAngelGrrl17e has cursed me with some horrible curse that only lets me meet girls that are some combination of 1) far away, 2) underage, 3) lesbian, 4) already seeing someone
AngelGrrl17: im 4 of those

It is kinda funny how dating methods have changed. Even James Figurine mocked it in his song 55566688833.
I have to type eleven numbers into my cellphone
Just to make it spell ‘love’
So I usually don’t
And it takes up fifteen digits to spell out ‘goodbye’
But if I leave out the ‘good’ I can save us some time
Heads We Dance are based out of Leeds and based their name off a Kate Bush lyric. They have been around for a little over a year and their first EP is expected soon. These songs were released this past spring. I thought I had the original version of the Love In A Digital Age here at work, but I do not and all I could find was this remix. I heard the song on the drive into work and realized I had never posted it. Anyways, you have to trust me that original is good too. The second tracks reminds me a bit of Cut Copy (I even heard the lyric "heart's on fire..."), but nevertheless definitely sparks my interest for their full length album.

MP3: Love In A Digital Age (Frank Musik Remix) (YSI)
MP3: My Heart Is Set On You (YSI)

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