The Mighty Midnight Juggernauts....

One of my favorite new bands at the moment is the Midnight Juggernauts. Hailing all the way from Australia, a current hot spot for dancey electronic music (Cut Copy, Presets, Riot in Belgium, etc..)

They have just released an amazing debut album 'Dystopia' which should be available in the US soon. This duo, now trio manages to seamlessly blend electro, rock and pop like few can. It's a classic record that doesnt fit easily into any category. It's got 80's synth/electro & indie rock influences all rolled into one.

They've been getting rave reviews all over the blogs. Even Justice recently cited 'Dystopia' as the best electronic album of 2007! Not a bad endorsement to have huh...

Two of my favorite tracks so far are the Singles 'Road to Recovery' and 'Into the Galaxy'

I like the edited version of 'Into the Galaxy' from the video better than version on the album so I'll post the video instead. Their videos are also great and different from each other as well. I posted the video to 'Road to Recovery' a few weeks ago if you wanna go back and check that out or go to you tube. They have a bunch of stuff worth checking out.

'Road the Recovery' was the first track I heard from MJ months ago and I still find it amazing (despite many repeated listens!) It has an amazing driving beat that leads you to a super catchy anthemic chorus of enlightment w/classic 80's new wave synthlines. A great song to sing along to in the car or boogie to in the club.

'Ending of an Era' is another great track on the album that reminds me a bit of U2's 'Numb'. Mostly due to the singing style on the track. The lead singer mouths off random rhyming lyrics for a bit until the chorus comes in and the singing returns.

Another great track on the album is the title track 'Dystopia'. This ones a slow dark jam that reminds me of Pink Floyd/Scissor Sisters. Slow brooding, dark and delicious. A great change of pace from alot of the dancier stuff.

With no further delay, here are the Midnight Juggernauts....


MP3: Road to Recovery (YSI)

MP3: Ending of an Era (YSI)

MP3: Dystopia (YSI)

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Francisco said...

Bowie, is the first name that comes to mind when i hear his voice. I loved the song! Downloaded Dystopia a few minutes ago and will check them out.