Collaborations Between Favorite Artists

I saw that Booka Shade is putting out a DJ Kicks album next month. Alright, not that exciting (even though I am a big fan of artist curated comp albums), until I saw that Hot Chip reworked Matthew Dear's Don & Sherri possibly my favorite track off of this year's Asa Breed.

Hot Chip not just reworked it but re-recorded it. It sounds more like a cover version than a remix. A little more digging and I see that Ghostly is putting out a Don & Sherri EP that has a few versions of the track and a remix of Elementary Lover (featuring Mobius Band) which is only available on the iTunes version.

Though I get excited when artists that I like get together for a collaboration, the last one between Mr. Dear and the Hot Chip boys I heard was a bit of a let down for me. Matthew Dear's minimal-tech alter ego Audion remixed No Fit State a bit too minimally for me and all the exciting points of the song got washed away. Thankfully when the remixing duties are swapped the outcome is this amazing track.

So get out those free iTunes gift cards that you got at Starbucks! (Starbucks is giving away 50 million song downloads to celebrate the launch of the wireless iTunes store inside Starbucks Coffee Houses). This is not a MySpace hoax! (hahahaha) ...And get the track!

Back to the DJ Kicks album, it seems worthy enough for a listen... (Yazoo's Situation, Escape from NY dialog, Italo, Aphex Twin...).

Both the comp and the EP are out next month on !K7 and Ghostly (respectively).

MP3: Don & Sherri (Hot Chip Rework) (YSI) - Sorry Link Removed

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