In no particular order...

So Miami has been water logged for the past few days. FINALLY, the weather cleared up and true to South Florida we were treated to an amazing sunset.

Here is what I am approximately playing this week as I try to keep my life somewhat sane... Most of this stuff you can find on other blogs (and I'm being REALLY lazy right now -- but some of this stuff is too good not to at least mention). Just head over to Hype Machine and grab it if you like what you hear.
  • Holy Fuck - "Coming on as a cross between Battles & Liars they give it too you raw." - Just Press Play (this guy is always on point, add him to your blog roll).
  • A Mountain of One - It is hard to describe the music, it sounds similar to Map Of Africa. - 10 minute epic remake by Studio.
  • Vampire Weekend - A good friend introduced this band and you cannot deny that they are making exciting music.
  • Grovesner - After catching my attention with the opening track (Nitemoves) on the Hot Chip DJ Kicks comp, I discover that it is a side project of the Hot Chip drummer!
What else? The new Prefuse 73 album Preparations has some good cuts. I have the entire Pitchfork Top 200 of the 60's which I weeded out a few here and there. Go back and listen to that Soulwax remix of LCD Soundsystem. It is out of control. Oh and I am basically grabbing any Flying Lotus I can find. Like his remix of Mr. Oizo's Stunt or the incredible From L.A With Love compilation. Talk about let a record play...

And I guess the heavens felt bad for all the rain because this morning, the moon set was just as amazing.

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