Toronto Finds Part Deuz - Kill The Lights

Our final night in Toronto we decided to check out The Drake Hotel. You can see from the poster why. The hotel is cool as shit and highly recommended if you plan to stay in Toronto. It is on Queen Street W. surrounded by random bars and clubs (not the mega dance clubs of College Street) with live music, rock 'n' roll and soul music dance parties scattered about. In other words, an indie kids Saturday night dream.

Back to the party... Peter Hook I could do without, his legacy with New Order is historic and he is a nice guy so I will forgive his musical selections when he DJs (he is probably better suited for Space or Mansion or anything but an indie dance party). BUT honestly after a few Irish Car Bombs and Chivas on the rocks who honestly cares? (Crystal by New Order still sounds good on the dance floor though.)

Before he went on to DJ, there was a showcase of Canadian talent. While entertainment execs hobnobbed upstairs in the lobby bar for a Pushing Daises (new ABC drama) party, downstairs in the Drake Underground (their club space) bands while filling the stage.

The first one we saw was Kill The Lights. A five piece band with members from Montreal and Toronto (I think they are based from Montreal though because the lead singer said he was happy to be back in Toronto playing). As the band started playing, we found ourselves focusing less on our conversations and more on the music. When the band asked everyone to fill the space in front of the stage immediately we complied (why do local shows always have that empty space in front of the stage anyways?).

At times melodic, shoe gazer, psychedelic, their shows are often criticized as inconsistent but that is only because the band is constantly experimenting.

Surprisingly, the lead singer spoke perfect Spanish to my friend after the show!

MP3: Bombs (YSI)

Also, check out The Cansecos. I won't post anything about them because we already did a couple of months back!! Go check out the older post while you are here.

Kill The Lights @ The Drake Underground
(So nice to have our own photos instead of having to Google them)

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