Gucci Soundsystem Mix Tape

Enjoy this mix tape courtesy of Gucci Soundsystem (Death From Abroad) in honor of their eminent release ACARPENTER on September 25th.

gucci soundsystem
'acarpenter' 12”

a1. acarpenter
a2. lord a mercy

b. acarpenter (joakim remix)

available 25-09-07 physical & digital

MP3: Gucci Soundsystem Mix Tape


While I'm on the soundsystem trip...

Gucci Soundsystem is remixing LCD Soundsystem's Time To Get Away on LCD's next single (and personal favorite off of the last album) Someone Great. The single will also have the Soulwax remix we posted yesterday and a Carl Craig remix of Sound of Silver.

BUT I would hold off on the getting the single because there is an EP coming out that will have ALL that stuff and the Franz Ferdinand version of All My Friends (second favorite off of the album).

Aaaannndd James Murphy and Mahoney are the next selectors for the Fabric Live series.

AAaaaannd the previous digital only release 45:33 that Murphy did for Nike will finally be getting released on vinyl and CD formats with Freak Out/Starry Eyes, Hippie Priest Bum-Out (eh single), and some other material.

(There is a Tonight Show performance somewhere there too and a Arcade Fire split single on 7").

DANG talk about staying busy. Then again they are just releasing tracks that had previously only had limited releases.

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