It's Friday!!!! Which means RADAR Mix-Tape Time, Wooo....

This week I found some cool rock tracks as well as dancier electronic stuff, so I thought I'd do a little of each, 50/50 Yo! Actually it's more like 60/40 but 50/50 sounds better, don't you think?

Last Saturday @ Circa some friends were requesting/raving about a track by Roisin Murphy called 'Overpowered', which I didn't have. So I told them to send me a myspace message so I wouldn't forget to check it out (my memory sucks!) So they sent me a link for it and its real good. Turns out she's the ex-lead singer of Moloko. Reminds me of Pop female artists like Tracey Thorn, Annie, stuff like that. So you if you dig those artists this should be right up your alley.

Brit-Pop band Athlete who was kinda lost in the shuffle with their last album should be coming back with a Bang with their upcoming New Album 'Beyond the Neighbourhood' which comes out Sept 25th on Astralwerks. Check out this sweet mellow track with the great name 'Airport Disco'.

Also here's a New Track by British Band The Wombats called 'Let's Dance to Joy Division'. Can't argue with that... They've been around for a bit, but apparently this track is starting to move up on the Pop charts in Britain. Good for them, their excellent!

Duran Duran, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland working together! Wow! I couldn't believe it either, but it's a great track! Check out 'Nite Runner' produced by Timbaland who seems to be on top of the music world at the moment. He's got his hands in everything. Did you see him all over the place at the VMA's?

Finally check out the great mix Mike Deuce (Deuce Crew/Miami) did of Pogo by Digitalism. I am lucky to have this talented fellow spin with me every Tuesday Night @ The Attic here in South Beach. Last week I was about to play the original when he reminded me of this great remix, which I played to everyone's delight. Mike's got a big future ahead of him. He's got a bunch of remixes which I'll be posting up soon.

Enjoy and have a kick ass week-end!

If your in South Florida don't miss the Chocolate Sundays BackRoom 1 Year Anniverssary Sunday @ Purdy! We have tons of DJ's coming in and 2 Bottles of Free Jager for everyone in attendance! Should be a grand ole time! Always a blast back there!



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