Another Tease From Hot Chip

Hot Chip keeps teasing with a follow up to the break through 2006 release The Warning. They seem to enjoy doing that. Over and Over came out a good 8 months before the album was released. Generating ridiculous hype (no one can deny it's hook). This is not a new track if you have been to their live shows. But the first time I hear a studio version of it. Does that mean an LP is in store? Remixes are great but come on guys! Give us another full release.

I give this track about 27 minutes gets blown up on the dance floors all over. After first listen you are probably wondering why. Wait until the 2nd minute. I don't I have ever heard the guys get this rave crazy on a track.

Just listen. Wait for it, it's coming... 1:58... 1:59... 2:00... 2:01...

MP3: Shake A Fist (YSI)

There is just no stopping these guys. I am impressed how they can embrace pop music and still keep their cool factor. These are the tracks that will be the "retro" tracks for the next generation.

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Jacqueline Reyna said...

Love the song...can't wait to hit the dance floor!!! currently thinking of dance stops to go with it...