Toronto Vids

When I say amateur, I mean it. Eddy's videos are better than mine so I am posting his. I might try and edit the ones I have because I do have a few of Bjork's literally explosive ending.
Bjork and her army of brass instrument players

Anyways, here we have a video of her performing Joga. And an MP3 of another version of her latest single (and concert opener) Innocence.
Technology was at the heart of her performance.
Touch screens are not just for iPhones...

MP3: Innocence (Ghostigital Untouchable Innocence Still Amazes 12" Remix) (YSI)

Bjork declaring independence with confetti and lasers.

Video performance of Joga.

UPDATE: Pitchfork has some even better pictures of her recent ATL show. Damn I really want to see her in New York but it looks like I am going to miss her by 2 weeks.

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