The 90's Are the New 80's

I cannot figure out my thoughts on the next band I am highlighting on the blog. Granted, if I am posting about them, there has to be something that draws me to them, but I can also see them passing through rather quickly after their first album into the abyss of indie bands that only appear on teen dramas. Queue... The Hills.

Let's take a gamble on MGMT (or Management) and see what happens. Their story is happens very quickly. In 2005, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, graduated from college and began to tour extensively promoting their debut EP and in the process end up opening for Of Montreal.

That break led them to a 4 album music deal in 2006 with Sony/Columbia Records. Now they are once again on tour with Of Montreal in support for their major label debut, Oracular Spectacular which is available for digital download now and in retail stores in 2008.

Their music has a throwback to the 90's (it's been almost 9 years already, I can't WAIT for 90's retro to become big... with neon and rave coming back! It's cool again! Hold on, it's already been done...).

But MGMT leans towards other 90's sounds. The first one that comes to my head are the Gregg Alexander fronted The New Radicals. Who pretty much fell apart before their 2nd single when Alexander became a cry baby b/c he had to do interviews and stuff. Wah, wah...

In fact now that I listen to the music even more, I have to wonder if the New Radicals were brought back under a new name. I think I am already sealing their fight by saying that. Oh well, the post is already written.

MP3: Time to Pretend (YSI)
MP3: Electric Feel (YSI)

MP3: The New Radicals - Someday We'll Know (YSI)

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