Another Mysterious Website With A Date

Go to the Arcade Fire website at and go past the flashy bibles and poke the big eye with your mouse pointer. It sends you

Whaddaya get? Another date. October 6th (this Saturday). What could the kids be giving us? They have a monster stop on their tour with LCD Soundsystem @ Randall's Island, NY that day (Les Savy Fav, Blonde Redhead and Wild Light are also on the same bill) but that cannot have anything to do with the site.

Has the whole Radiohead website already changed the mindset of the industry or did Arcade Fire already have this planned? Most likely the latter rather than the former but it is a funny coincidence.

Two secret websites announcing something from prominent (in one case gigantic) indie bands.
Crazy to use Radiohead and indie in the same sentence. Maybe they are giving away their next album too!

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