Kitsune Teaser

Even the graphic is a tease, just pieces of people flashing on the screen. This is a snippet of an upcoming Kitsune Mix CD entitled BoomBox curated by Jerry Bouthier (BoomBox resident). For this compilation, Parisian label Kitsuné teamed up with London’s Club BoomBox to create the mix.

Let me tell you at 5 minutes it is one heck of a tease. And Kitsune has thrown every heavy hitter their licensing crew could get their hands on. They throw tracks at you left and right and if you don't get out of your cubicle and start dancing when it starts playing... well... you're hopeless.

Alas, it is only a tease. So you are telling me there is a longer version of this?

The production on this is what you expect from Kitsune... Dance floor perfection. And to think, Kitsune started as a feshion label (well still is...).

MP3: Minimix Teaser (YSI)

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